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Originally Posted by w2830 View Post
If you know how to code the can turn the wiper into manual mode with four speed settings. I know which code it is if anyone interested.
I'm interested in these codes.

My windshield wiper system is absolutely screwed up: the intermittent adjustment dial absolutely has no effect. It only responds to vehicle speed. If stopped, the wipers rest; if moving, the wipers move at a constant rate, the speed of which is determined by how many "clicks" I push the lever up.

Now, my condensation sensor appears to have been tampered with by the previous owner as it is not enclosed in the plastic T-shaped device but instead was stuck to the windshield with some thick, rubbery adhesive which no longer works thus the sensor just hangs loosely inside the mirror trim shell.

I'm not sure if this sensor has anything to do with my wiper issues (I don't think so, if it only checks for "condensation" to prevent wiper operation when there is no actual rain), or if the sensor embedded in the windshield has failed.

Regardless, I have a crack in the windshield so it's getting replaced, along with a new condensation sensor. But just in case neither of those resolves the issue, I'd rather just switch to "manual" mode; don't really need the "rain sensing" feature here in SoCal...

Hence, the codes por favor!
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