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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
Prove what point? That you missed this?
If I read that correctly, that puts the IS350 dead even on the quarter mile with the 335.
Congrats, you've scoured the net for the one time that helps your point versus the countless others that state the opposite. That's also a 2008 vehicle and if you read/trust reviews of those vintage cars, you'll find the 335i heavily favored. Here's one to get you started.

Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
It's obvious you only care about straight line speed. Why did you not get a Camaro or a Mustang? They have the best HP per $ ratio than any other car on the market.

22% advantage in straight line speed? They are head to head on the quarter mile...
If you can't win an argument based on facts then just kick the ball into the woods, right? I'm talking very specifically about two vehicles and it comes down to simple math.

Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
Best post in this whole thread. It's obvious Jericho never went to the track before because all he cares about is 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. You could have a 12 second car on the drag strip but still be dead last on the track against Miata, S2000, M3. I even got dusted by a slightly modded CRX bucket that has 100+ less horsepower than my car on Thunderhill.
You guys are really having a tough time with this. Let's take the Lotus Exige for a moment to help illustrate my point. The 2006 and 2007 are nearly identical in every aspect except for the addition of a supercharger and thus 30 more hp in the 2007. Did that car suddenly get downgraded in terms or performance? No. The times improved and it separated the two by that much more.

This is a similar case with the 335i vs IS350. The advantage in handling is so slight that I really can not understand how you guys can say the IS350 is a better all around performer. Since you've spent time on a track, you should also know that speed will be the differentiating factor in two cars with comparable handling.
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