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Originally Posted by 5soko View Post
I was reading on a few sites that this kit comes with a tq wrench.
I see a socket wrench in the pictures but don't see it as a tq wrench which will let you know when you have applied the necessary tq needed.

Anyone have one of these kits?

I have that kit and it actually comes with a torque wrench. The fourth pic in the link shows what looks like a regular lug wrench, but its actually a torque wrench built in.

You cant actually set it to a specific torque because there are no numbers on it and the handle doesnt turn at all. But I know that its a torque wrench because when I used it to tighten the lugs it clicked like a real torque wrench would and it wouldnt let me tighten any further. Im guessing that its made to start clicking when it hits 90 lbs of torque, which I believe is what BMW recommends. I cant verify this though.

Also, the socket which comes with the wrench doesnt fit snuggly on the lugs. You have to hold the wrench in place to get a tight fit.