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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
If I were organising work on this scale for myself I would at least ask the builder if he would be prepared to work to a recognised form of contract. It's not hard to do so and in reality a formal contract document would not necessarily need to be executed. All that would be required is a simple exchange of letters confirming that the contract would be JCT minor works.

This may be unrealistic for lots of small builders, but larger contractors (including anyone who undertakes new build work) will understand what the JCT contract is and be prepared to work to it.

The point of JCT contracts is that they protect the interests of both the client AND the contractor

I'm not sure what you mean by this? Are you in the construction industry?
Given that JCTs are so contractor friendly I would be concerned if

1. they had never heard of it, and,
2. they would not enter into one