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I'd stick to the real stuff: snow chains. If you have proper winter tires, you will get pretty far to begin with. If conditions are really bad (>10cm of snow or ice), you are better off with chains.

As silly as it may sound, practice mounting the chains at home, in front of your house! So you safe time, cold fingers, wet knees, etc. for when you're in the worse conditions that you can think off and need to start reading the manual for the first time. It is not that difficult. Remember: you never need chains when it's dry and clear blue skies My dad made me and my sisters all practise in front of his house before we could borrow his or my mom's car for a skiing trip. It helped me get the chains on quickly at 2000m elevation and -18C (0 F) in Cervinia, Italy...

If you happen to have a jack, bring it. It might make it easier to mount your chains (or take them off). Also, bring a pair of old gloves so you don't waste your fancy skiing gloves with salt, grease, and what not whilst putting on the chains.