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I can't comment on the autozone towels, I haven't used them. I have used Pakshaks, but not Excel Details. Patrick sells good products, so I am sure his is very good. I thought Pakshaks was ok, but it was a bit fragile for me. I wash a lot of cars.

RE: George's, about a year ago his mf selection was only ok, the WW's were average but not great. Recently (4 months or so), whoever he uses changed, or changed how they make the towels; they are now, far and away the best mf waffle weaves I've used. FWIW, I have no financial incentive or otherwise for saying this, I just have 5 of them and I always reach for them first. I can dry a whole car with one easily, and so far the longevity has been good.

Proof is in the pudding? I just ordered 20 more from him. That's $400. I know not everyone likes the same stuff but for me they work wonderfully.

A side note; I don't like the ultra plush towels he sells (or any ultra plushes really), but his general purpose towels are my favorite for polish'/wax removal. I literally have over 100 of them. They are similar to pakshaks, but the bonus is they are like the energizer bunny, they last for friggen' ever. I've got over 50 washes on some of them and they are as soft as they were the day I got them.