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just out of shop

We like the car a lot. Nothing US made that we would want to replace our 335d with. Just got out of the shop had been in for 20 days,(over holidays so likely would have been less time), on an SES light which came on and was reset then came back in 10 days. Had a 46b7,4d35, 4b82 and 4862 fault code. Had an o-ring replaced. They replaced the EGR for excessive soot buildup restricting EGR valve. Then faulted a 4b82 and 4862 code. Replaced charge air temp sensor, test drove faults showed again. Installed Mass air meter and cleared adaptations test drove 50 miles and faults did not come back. Everything being done to this car according to the SA was coordinated through BMW NA.

Question, looking at keeping and getting the extended warranty. Which do most people get? Powertrain Plus, or Gold? I don't have navigation so wouldn't consider Platinum.