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Originally Posted by big_c View Post
Nah, the car was sitting for a few days when I checked the fluid.

Ill check it after driving around today and see if the fluid still looks good.
Changed it, glad that I did. The fluid looked pretty good in small amounts, but when it was in a larger container, it looked like somewhere between honey and maple syrup. Not bad at all for the amount of miles on it...very impressed with the fluid. Other cars I've changed look much darker and thicker.

Its only $30, and I know for sure the level is right and the fluid is new. By the way- its a piece of cake to do this without jacking the car up at all. Just get a fluid transfer pump from harbor freight.

I bought two quarts of the fluid and only used .3L or so - so if anyone wants to save a few bucks and buy the rest of my Redline fluid, PM me