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I'm not one to typically do this, but I feel the need to get things off my chest and inform others about my purchase with Longtran.

Sept. 20- Longtran seemed to have quite a good reputation on this site, so I bought a painted oem front lip spoiler and paid in full via paypal. I provided all of the necessary shipping information, e90post screen name, email address, etc. per his request.

A couple of days go by and I checked with him to see what the status of the order was. He seemed to have no idea who I was and that I even made an order. No biggie...he probably has lots of requests. He asked me to send him and email to his yahoo account with full order information. So, I go and take the same information that I provide him with on paypal and send it to his yahoo account. Slightly redundant, but it's ok. In the email, I explicitily told him to ship it to my NJ address.

Sept. 21- I email Longtran and ask him when I can expect the lip and asked that he provide tracking/shipping info. He replies that he's shipping it out first thing next week...4 day ground. He did not provide shipping info. Cool, it should be here soon. NOT!

Sept 28- still no front lip. I email him for a status update and asked for shipping/tracking info. He tells me "it's going out today." Again, he provides no tracking info. Cool, it should be here soon. NOT!

Oct 4- still no front lip. I email him asking for a status update and ask for shipping/tracking info. He responds by saying he "messed up and forgot" and will overnight it tomorrow. He tells me not to worry (citing his good reputation on this site) and I say "cool, no problem." Again, no shipping/tracking info provided. In the email, I again remind him to send it to my NJ address. Cool, it should be here soon. NOT!

Oct 11- still no front lip. I email him and finally show some irritation with him. I ask for shipping/tracking information. At this point, I'm pretty pissed with his lack of urgency and broken promises. He apologizes and says there is "no excuse for what he's done." He promises, again, to ship the lip tomorrow.

Oct 11- I receive a shipping confirmation from Paypal and US Postal Service. Yes, my lip will finally be here tomorrow, right? NOT! Longtran shipped the product to the WRONG ADDRESS (central PA address), after I specifically asked him not to do this on 2 separate occasions in the same email thread that we've been corresponding in the whole time! I've been trying to get the package re-routed the address and have been on the phone with US postal service customer service for an hour. The package is too "new" and they can't find it in the system right now, and I'll have to call back later (which by the way is tomorrow bc they're day is over at 4:30 p.m. EST). Who knows when I'll get the package now.

I'm very disappointed with the whole ordeal. I'll probably get flamed by people here bc I'm a noob, but I have to say that doing business with Longtran has been quite a headache. I'm sure he does good work and is a super nice guy, but his organization skills, attention to detail, and business execution are absoulutely pitiful.

The point- just be careful who you deal with on here...most of the time you'll hand them money thinking they'll take care of you the way you'd take care of them, but the fact of the matter is they probably don't care all that much. You spend more time and energy managing the process than they do and YOU'RE the customer!

Rant over.

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