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Originally Posted by CatOrtega3881 View Post
Just want everyone to know that Longtran called me on my cell phone to let me know he's trying to correct the situation. He said he contacted the post office to change the shipping address and right the situation.

He was very apologetic. I appreciate him owning up to his mistake, and I'm glad he took the time to reach out to me over the phone. His heart is in the right place, he just needs the proper systems in place to keep things like this from falling through the cracks with growing demand for his services.

He's not off the hook yet, though...I still gotta get the stuff in my hands by tomorrow or Saturday, but it looks like things will finally work out.

I won't thank you yet, Longtran, but I will once the lip shows up.
We all know... bad things SHOULDN'T happen, but they do. In your case, it just happened to be where several things went wrong that shouldn't have at one time.

I was with Long all afternoon today...I was with him when he dropped off the lip early at the post office, to ensure it didn't miss the express mail cut-off time. I was there when he got your email stating the address wasn't correct...
I was there when we rushed back to the post office to try and intercept the package before it got loaded on to a truck...
I was there when he called the regional hub post office to intercept it there, as it had already left the local office...

I will tell you this...I know you are unhappy, as you should be with the things that have gone wrong. I've always believed that at any given day and any given time, something can go wrong. But when things do, whether it's human error, or things out of control, how it is handled and rectified shows a lot of character.

Not once did Longtran complain about the customer all day. He admitted to me repeatedly that he dropped the ball on this one and was seriously full of remorse for (somehow) screwing up this order. Shipped late, wrong address to top the list of other things that could go wrong.

Long is genuinely a good guy, that really does care about the people he serves. I am sorry this happened to you and i do hope the address gets changed in time and gets to you tomorrow.