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Tried a few different maps on the way home.

1. Map 2 (14psi) and gave her a run. The whine was audible but not as distinct/loud as on map 5 running 18/19psi.

2. Map 1 (12psi) - whine barely audible and not until late in a 3rd gear pull.

3. Map 0 (stock map) - car actually still felt more peppy than what it was completely stock and no whine at max boost ~9psi. Not sure what this proves? Good that turbo sounded happy but bad that I wouldn't be able to reproduce this issue with all stock parts to have bmw investigate

I'm not sure what to do. I think I may go to map 2 for a bit so that it's not asking too much from the turbo. At the same time, this sucks bc I have all supporting mods for full boost yet I could run 14psi with many less parts. Maybe if the whine continues to get worse I can get it to reproduce at 9psi and have bmw look/replace turbo as I'm in warranty till 15'...