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Originally Posted by TurboFan View Post

Unitl it's full of outstanding RAW images, and you have 4 more hours to shoot!

I have 7 cards at 4gb each, and 2 more at 2GB. Also, don't get the cheapies. Look for the 133x or better. The utlra IIIx and IVx SanDisk are my fav's, but there are many other quality high-speed cards out there. The advantage of the high speed cards is they allow your camera buffer to empty faster, and keep you shooting. If you're shooting action or doing a lot of bracketing, this is important.
For someone very new to DSLRs I'd disagree about shooting RAW. RAW requires so much work on the backend to see if you got a usable picture, while you can find out in a few seconds if you got the jpeg you wanted.

Until a high quality jpeg is limiting you, I wouldn't move past it.
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