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Owned my 2006 E90 for almost four years now, decided to get off my butt and change the oil myself. Bought Oil from the local auto-parts store, and ordered an oil filter cap wrench from FCP Euro dot com. Purchased some rhino ramps, rated at 12,000lb for the pair. I figure that will be enough to hold up the front end of my beemer for a good long while.

Items of note:
Not bad, it took a little encouragement to get the filter out of the housing, but I twisted it and pulled and it popped out fine!

Made sure to buy Oil rated as meeting BMW LL1 (long life 1). Found it on sale at my FLAPS for $5.99/qt.

Used a BMW filter that came with two o-rings and a gasket (crush washer?).

After resetting my CBS computer, the system shows 19,000 miles or two years before oil service is necessary. Seems strange to me, as I usually have the oil changed at least once per year (or 16,000 miles max). This time was about 6500 miles, and I plan to do it again in the summer (then possibly go back to a once/yr schedule).

Here are some pics...

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