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For a big rock chip in my hood, would I take it to <fill in the blank>?

a) a body shop.

b) a detailing shop.

I've got a pretty nasty rock chip in my hood (and before you say clear bra, it's about 3/4 up so it would've missed that anyway) and should probably get touched up. Doesn't look like it made it down to metal, but it's rather large.

I don't really want the whole hood resprayed yet, since I'm bound to end up with a lot more smaller chips in the next few years. I just want this one big one touched up nicely ... better than I could do myself. And my car is black so I'm not messing with Lanka or silly crap like that.

Any idea how much I should expect to pay when I'm calling around for quotes? I usually just leave rock chips and not worry about them, but this one is awful big.