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Originally Posted by fazman View Post
I'm located in NJ, I got my extension from Jeff Steel @ Passport BMW in MD. Now... your case may be unique... i have no idea... but it might be worth the moment to drop him an email or give him a call. Whats the worse that can happen??? Your theory is right and he says he can't help you... a little wasted time. OR you can experiment beyond what you assume... and you can save hundreds or thousands on this one transaction alone?

I'd drop him an email/call, it would be worth your time (it was for me). Just remember, it's not the dealership who is giving you a warranty... it's BMW North America which is giving you a warranty... the paper work is submitted thru it's nationwide dealership network (they all use the same computers and connect to the same systems). Just like i can buy a car in any state I like from a BMW dealership and drive it home.