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Originally Posted by chopfellow View Post
Well I just bought my first BMW. A 328d Xdrive MSport Wagon and now the question is whether to buy extended warranty and maintenance. I have searched this thread and see there are a number of opinions but am not sure they apply to me. A few facts I tend to keep my cars along time. (My last car a Volvo XC 90 is 10 years old with 150,000 miles). I am being offered an 84mths/75,000 Platinum plan for $2995 and an extended maintenance package for $2195. I do not have that much to compare this with and wondering if this is likely to make sense in the long run. I do not tend to insure things I can afford to fix but I am mildly concerned at how much repairs will cost over 7yrs since I have never owned a BMW.
Well if you want to look back a page you can see the convo Ive been having with the other guys. In terms of extending on a new car, if you want to hold off a few years and stick with the standard warranty, which covers basically everything, that might be the best option... I would do that.
My 5 year 50K warranty is about to expire and these are the options I was given for extended warranty - Below. Its pretty close to what you were offered, for just slightly more. So if you're not trying to spend more money after just buying your new car, that could be an option for you.

- Im located in S. Florida incase that affects pricing.
- 84/100,000 = 4130.00 PLUS TAX, PLATINUM
- 84/100,000 = 3720.00 PLUS TAX, GOLD
- 84/70,000 = 3730.00 PLUS TAX, PLATINUM
- 84/70,000 = 3370.00 PLUS TAX, GOLD