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Update: went to my buddies ford dealership and he hooked me up with a 4yr/50k for $2000 platinum plus my 335i is out of warranty as well.

BMW dealership just quoted me this

Comprehensive: yr/mileage

60/65,000 $6800
36/36,000 $4500

Powertrain: Yr/Mileage

60/65,000 $3500
36/36,000 $2700
24/24,000 $2400

My care is an 08 35kmiles one owner, babied it, all dealer service done, HPFP done, it seems powertrain would be the way to go since everything else is pretty solid, Although with these low miles im not sure if i will need it, i'm pretty handy i can replace most stuff myself. The turbos and HPFP are under warranty and are the major things that go, I plan to keep this car 2 years or until i reach 55k miles and buy an M3. Thoughts on warranty purchase?

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