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Originally Posted by yupetc View Post
You car does not have them. Are you planning to get it from junkyard? If so they should come complete in one piece so that you won't have to buy anything else but those gaskets for the sake of peaceful mind.

If you are planning to but it from dealership or other legit stores, you'll need to buy those actuators separately until you complete the set. Some performance stores may sell them as a kit, that cost is too high, that's why I went junkyard searching.
Thanks for your reply. This help me to estimate the total cost to complete this mod. I am very likely to get them thru dealer as new parts. It cost more but in China sometimes it is not so safe to get used parts. The IM itself cost around 1K including the ctuator but not the gasket. So I plan to do this in March in a dealer. The parts take around 7 days to come after placing the order.