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Originally Posted by ShereKhan View Post

Quick take it back or cancel asap.

I have a 32" Sharp Aquos. The TV is great when it works.
But had lots of aftersales hassle.

I have had SharpServ out twice in 6mths. DSG (Currys et al) will not help you if it goes wrong after 28 days as Sharp UK will not let their techs touch the TVs.

You have to call a 3rd party contractor called SharpServ based in Notts and they have no connection to Sharp UK or Japan other than being their "authorised repair agent" in the UK.

I had a firmware update sent in the post to upgrade the TV after three months. Then after 5 mths the screen went pink around the edges of objects on screen.

DSG wouldn't help me Sharpserv came and upgraded the software onboard the PC. A month later then the same thing happended except it was green instead of pink!

Luckily my tv is only for the kitchen not the lounge but I'd never touch Sharp again unless they deal direct for after sales. For the record I have Samsung, Sharp & Toshiba LCDs at home. Samsung screens are top dog for me - not had to call the after sales support for them as they just work and work.
Ohhhh bollocks!!! Thats not the reply I was looking for.
Hopefully you got a lemon and mine will be ok

Does get good reviews though - so reliability is my main worry probably.

Anyone use an HD box like the Freecom MD350?

It is one of the greatest buys for me this year. I wirelessly stream video from my PC upstairs, and it upscales everything that isnt HD to 1080p. Does a fantastic job with lo-res stuff.
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