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Originally Posted by 330cdsport View Post
Ohhhh bollocks!!! Thats not the reply I was looking for.
Hopefully you got a lemon and mine will be ok

Does get good reviews though - so reliability is my main worry probably.

Anyone use an HD box like the Freecom MD350?

It is one of the greatest buys for me this year. I wirelessly stream video from my PC upstairs, and it upscales everything that isnt HD to 1080p. Does a fantastic job with lo-res stuff.
I Purchased the same model (LC-37XD1E) about 3 Months ago from Empire direct been very happy with it so far but it does have a couple of small niggles, As I have it Wall Mounted the sound when just coming though the TV speakers vibrates but as I use a Home Theatre sound system that doesn’t cause me any problems. I also have an Xbox 360 set up with it and during games (not that often) I completely lose the picture for about a second (Quite frustrating when your just about to break the Lap record only to crash on the last section)