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Originally Posted by skimo
Help !!

I just got back from work...with 3 dents in my left door :mad: . Some guy jammed his door into mine...I waited in the parking lot till he finally came out of work and he was nice enough to give me his insurance info...and offered to pay from his pocket....good guy..

Anyway, can someone please give me adivce on what to do with respect to the paint? This is my first car...and have no experience at all.

There are 3 scratches....all three are deep enough that the grey metal below the paint is revealed. One of the three is an actual dent in the body (1 inch diameter circular concave dent)...they are all about 1/8th inch diameter (the paint taken off).

A friend said I have two options:
1) touch up : but the paint color will not be the same...dents still visible
2) repaint a huge area of the door: if not done will notice a huge "blotch" on door...

Is there no option without disadvantages? Is there such thing as BMW Paint ? friends said they will just match the color...but how can u match the sparkling graphite ?? (the sparkling part... ) Anything I need to be aware of when repairing?

Any help appreciated...i want the best for my car

thank you very much guys....

ps- some of you might have noticed I probably have bad luck so far with my BMW (wrong interior trim on order....dented new Alu trim with nets...chip in windshield...and now the 3 scratches...140 miles on the car..... )
You need to have pros work on something like this. Take your car to reputable body shop pronto. They'll handle the rest.