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Not performing up to par: potential problem?

A little while back, I did a few pulls with a friend who has a GTI (mods listed below), on his stock map. There was about 600lbs of passengers in my 335i, and there was about 450lbs of passengers in his GTI. From about 30 in second, both cars got on the gas at the same time, and his GTI started to pull, but when my friend shifted his car, it lost about 1/3 of a car length, then pulled back the distance and was pulling, not hard, but definitively pulling on my car until both cars let off at about 85-90. I was very surprised how well his car did compared to my friend's GTI. Even my friend was surprised as he had always felt like my car was a good deal faster than his. He then did a pull with me with his car in stage two, and about 450lbs of passengers in my 335i and 550lbs of passengers in my friend's GTI, and he walked me by about 2 car lengths over the same race.
My friend then told me that he did a few pulls with another friend the other night in his X5 (xDrive35i). He was on stock map with only drivers in each car. He said the X5 pulled slightly on him and then the distance was constant.
I feel like my 335i should be faster than him, despite his modifications. When on stock map, his car essentially performs as a stock GTI. Should a stock GTI ever beat a stock 335i? Is there something that needs attention?
His mods: intake, catback exhaust, catless downpipe, and tune.
I have no mods.
Both cars are 6MT.

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