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throwing my hat in the ring

Hello fellow BMW enthusiasts. I've been lurking on the forum here for awhile and decided I would at least introduce myself since I was able to use this forum as a great research tool and read some pretty interesting opinions out there about all the different versions of the E9x.

As you can see my username is vwman which I have been a classic air-cooled vw collector and restorer for almost 20 years. Hard to give up old loves. I have a small stable of old and rare VW's and was looking to venture into the new all wheel drive Golf -R. I rolled down to the VW dealer and test drove one. Man, I have to tell you what rocket that thing was just stock. I was nearly sold right then and there. It was just such a blast to drive. Then something tapped me on the shoulder and made me look right across the street of the auto mall at the BMW dealer. I was driving an old 2001 Acura CL type-S which I bought brand new and although I really liked the car after I modded the hell out of I was thinking to myself I have always wanted a rear wheel drive sports car and I have always wanted to check out a BMW. First thing I did was head over to the M3, but the cost was prohibitive and my wife gave me the "you are not getting that thing" look. She didn't even want me getting the Golf-R for fear that I would wrap that thing around something or go broke paying traffic tickets. Happy wife happy life right? Anyway, even though the new '14 335i's were out I just wasn't feeling the sedans and I didn't want to dive into the 4-series this soon.

Then I saw it. A 2009 335i x-drive. exactly 40K mi. It was immaculate. Whoever owned this thing previously babied the hell out of it. There seriously wasn't a flaw and being a car guy I went over this thing with a fine tooth comb. Took it for a test drive and within 3 hours I was driving this thing home. I have without a doubt drank the BMW Kool-aid. I fricking love this thing and as a bonus the wife is satisfied with the decision.

I knew I wanted to mod it and knowing virtually nothing about BMW's other than car magazines, I started looking and found this forum. Found my info and went to work. First thing I did was get the tint, the tail lights and reflector on the front bumper smoked. Then it was time for some minor cosmetics. I thought it needed a chin implant and an ass lift so I gave it some plastic surgery with the m-tech front spoiler and the M3 style rear spoiler which my body guy matched flawlessly. I knew I also wanted a larger rim than stock. The dealer had these nice M3 chrome rims sitting in the boutique and when I inquired about them, the parts manager said that they had ordered them for another customer and the customer argued that they had ordered the wrong wheels and backed out on the deal. He wanted them gone so he made me a slammin' deal on them.

I was noticing that even after the larger wheels the x-drive was still sitting like a 4x4, so once again I turned to the forum and proceeded to fit my new child up with a set of KW v1 coilovers. What a difference! Absolutely the perfect choice. Last, but not least I wasn't that happy with the yellow angel eyes and so once again back to the forum. Installed the LUX angel eyes H8 V4 set at 5700K. Another perfect choice. Thanks forum users for all the great info. I'm really happy with the performance of the car as is. I'm looking to see about some performance mods, but don't want to get crazy. I'm thinking about the GAIC software update and would like to hear your thought plus any other thoughts about useful, but not too extreme mods. I get the impression that an air intake is a waste of time and I'm not going to track the car. I live in Northern California so this will be used on nice twisty mountain highways along with the occasional stomp of the pedal down the I-5 or the I-80.

All the best, Brian
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