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Originally Posted by GB-335xiCoupe View Post
What are you going to do with your VWs now?
Well I've had them for a very long time and you don't just get rid of the ones I have so I'll continue to drive and enjoy them.

I have a '56 bug (oval window w/ sliding ragtop=not convert) with a 2.2 L dual 44 carb turbo. about 240 hp for a car that weighs less than 1800lbs. Now that's an 11 sec car

the next is a '64 Karmann ghia convert (wife's car)

then there's the '61 23-window microbus. Cool doesn't even begin to describe this rig

last is a rabbit pickup that I have modded, is a good 12-13 sec car and is actually pretty solid on the track for a FWD. Again, very light weight with a lot of juice.

Looks like the JB4 setup is the way to go for me. That'll be my next mod. The forum comes through again especially that sticky thread in the tuning section. Big help there.

As far as the coils, plugs, walnut shell cleaning, injectors etc... I bought a CPO. shouldn't that all have been taken care prior to my purchase?

Took me forever to learn one German manufacturer now I have to learn a whole new one

I don't mind being the only guy to rock the blingy rims. Although some 19's in a different flavor might be in the future, but only after I wear these out.