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Originally Posted by Amini9 View Post
noob here.

How did you smoke your tail lights? I'm looking to smoke mine (similar to yours) but not enough to look dark.
The tint shop I send all my cars to sells a special film specifically for "smoking" the tail light lenses and things like the reflector in front. I just called my tint shop and they said it's called Oracal 8300. Comes in different shades (I actually got the darkest shade). It goes on just like tint, but it's thicker than tint and can withstand the outside weather changes (contraction and expansion). It's not easy, but this can also be removed if needed. Much better than painting which I've seen in the past where they have to sand the lens and then the paint is permanent. You would have to buy all new lenses if they got jacked or you didn't like them any more.