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Originally Posted by vwman View Post

then there's the '61 23-window microbus. Cool doesn't even begin to describe this rig


Looks like the JB4 setup is the way to go for me. That'll be my next mod. The forum comes through again especially that sticky thread in the tuning section. Big help there.


I don't mind being the only guy to rock the blingy rims. Although some 19's in a different flavor might be in the future, but only after I wear these out.
Got Pics of the Bus? I know this isn't a VW forum, but a couple pics won't break the site.

For a tune, do anything BUT the Vishnu - zero cust service. I love my Vishnu, and how it works, but in retrospect, I should have gone Cobb AccessPort.

The rims aren't all that bad. I like 'em!
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