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Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
I know the E92 fenders can't be rolled, but you may need to do some trimming here or there, which is why I didn't specifically say rolling. I've seen people do the 9.5 ET33 fitment before plenty of times, but to make sure we don't end up with unsatisfied customers, we always recommend going the safe route first and then move towards a more aggressive fit later if they want. Everyone's setup is a little different, and we'd just rather not have a customer damage their car if we can help it.
I understand that, but when you make it seem like it won't fit that makes people go with the safer fitment, and then they are looking for spacers not long after. I understand that some people just want the bolt on fitments, but some are also willing to put a little bit of work in to get the look they want.

Btw 9.5et33 doesn't require any fender trimming or rolling with a 245.