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Originally Posted by lfpontes View Post
Also, someone mentioned here about a certain Turbo lag witht eh Cobb Stock maps, and that definently happens with my car.
Drove a friendīs 335i with a custom map, but considered Stage 1, and it was a LOT stronger down the rev band, while my car only wakes up mid-top the rev band.
It does not even feel like a TT car with that behaviour.

Is that normal for cobb map?
Im running Stage 2 agressive Without FMIC.
My car has the Alpina TCU, Downpipes, and BOV/chargepipe.

Any input on that would be very helpful!

Is there a way to download new Cobb maps, sort of updated ones?

Look at logs... There's a good chance that the car is still on boost & more powerful, it just feels (which is very subjective) "not as powerful". There's also a possibility that the PROtuner your friend used doesn't like to use lots of boost downlow, which logs once again would prove.

Not for nothing, it shouldn't be surprising that more lag exists vs. the OEM tune which peaks at 8-9 psi, when I believe even the Stage 1 Maps go to ~12 psi. You've raised the target, it will naturally take a little longer. By no means the N54 with stock turbos is laggy though, cause if you think it is just go for a ride in a big turbo EVO that probably won't go on boost until 5K.

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