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I own a 335i E90 N54 auto here in Brazil.. It has AMS DP, K&N inbox, COBB, and AA BOV .

Everytime I change my current map with the cobb system, the car seems to be stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear for a while, and suddenly it drops to 1st after a few ft of driving and everything stays normal.
This only happens right after I switch the map, when I turn on the car. And only one time every time the map is switched.

Also, if I select Reverse before the car has dropped to 1st, there is a big CLUNK noise coming from the transmission.

Why does this happen? I cant seem to find any plausible answers on Google or any other source. Also, the car missfires a little bit in its first start in the morning.

Thanks guys!

that clunk is not your transmission. Its your floating brakes ,,,its a common issue with our cars .