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Subwoofer issues & Tuning

Hey guys!

I have a question that hopefully some of you guys may be able to answer. I currently have Two 12" Alpine Type R's (Dual 4ohm voice coil) & a Alpine MRX-M100 amp. Sealed box in the trunk

I currently have it set up from the sub to the amp, bridged @ 4ohms. When I first had the subs installed in my car, the subwoofers would sound perfect, and hits the usual frequencies that I like.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my friend rewire, and tuck everything, so there aren't any exposed wires. That muffled the bass coming into the cabin, so he bridged both subs after. After, it hits fine, but I do have a slight problem.

After bridging, the subs would hit low frequencies perfectly, delivering very boomy basslines, and it sounds great in the car. When it came to higher frequencies, it practically doesn't exist unless the volume is turned up all of the way. And even then, it doesn't hit the way it should. Does anyone know what's wrong?

I have my gains set to NOM (Normal), subsonic at about 25Hz, Low Pass filter is set at 120. Bass EQ, doesn't make much different when I'm trying to have my subs hit midrange-higher frequencies. But currently, it's at +2db I believe.
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