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Originally Posted by mfish123 View Post
I've flashed Cobb maps with a variety of TCU flashes already in place (not just Alpina). I don't have any clunks or anything like that.

However, right after I flash a map and drive off the car seems to stay in 3rd gear until I get going fast enough for it to up shift to 4th. I see this behavior regardless of TCU flash. After it completes the first up shift to 4th then it reverts back to normal shifting behavior from there on out. I have a feeling this is standard behavior right after a new map is flashed. I have an 09 AT x drive.
Thats exactly what happens with my car, and it did occur before I did the TCU flash.
But instead of upshifting to 4th, my car abruptly downshifts to 1st when a higher speed is achieved. After this, everything goes back to normal.

The "clunk" that I heard was exactly after I flashed my ECU, and the car was stuck in 3rd gear, and I had to reverse to be able to leave my driveway.

After I reached a higher speed, everything went back to normal.

I am going to check the data log this weekend. I drove a friendīs 335 with a custom map, and the behaviour of the car is completely different. My car seems stronger at the top end, with a bit of lag down the rev band, while his car maintains the characteristic of the 335, being strong down-mid rev, and loosing a bit top end.