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Originally Posted by Gronk
Now here is something I didn't know!

As has been debated at length LeMan Blue isn't available over in the US (yet), here in Europe it is on available on the MSport versions.

Note when I say MSport. My previous E46 was not a MSport, just a plain old Sport. Ok it had the ///M suspension ///M badges all over the place, ///M body kit etc. I think in the US you call it the ZHP or something similar.

Incidently when I ordered it I had a really poor choice of colours there were no extra colours just for the Sport. In fact it was the opposite and some of the standard colours were restricted. In effect it was a choice of Mystic Blue, Sapphire Black or Titan Silver unless you wanted to pay extra for individual.

Not sure if its on this thread or not (but somewhere on this site) apparently LeMan Blue is owned by BMW ///M (or whatever its called) which somehow reflects as to why the US has not got the colour yet.

Now one of my colleagues who has had quite a few ///M cars (he now has a Boxter S) told me last night that each year ///M release a new colour named after a famous racetrack, hence 'Estoril' Blue, 'Indianopolis' Red, 'LeMan' Blue etc etc, these are exculsive to the ///M range.

Now i think that is really cool and I get a warm glow that makes me feel that my humble 320i M Sport is that little more special!

But it also makes me think maybe the delay in the US may mean
a) The colour will come with the ///M3 (I think we first saw LeMan Blue over here on the press review M5's but i may be wrong)
b) The US may see the launch of a completly new ///M colour; Or probably more likely
c) you will get a named MSport variant so the colour will come with the body kit etc like here in Europe.

I don't know if the story about the ///M colours is true or a BMW urban myth so if any one knows more feel free to contradict me but its just what I heard but the naming of the colours and the fact the I've not seen the 'racetrack' colours on any colourcharts I've seen (LeMan Blue isn't even in the E90 brochure charts, just referenced in the page about the MSport model with a couple of pictures) adds some legitimacy. As I've never had a M5 or M3 etc brochure to see what exclusive colours are listed I can't confirm

The x5 4.8is is not an M car but you can get LeMans blue. Maybe its not part of that list of specific M only colors. This is in the US though so Im not even sure if they sell an X5 4.8is in Europe.
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