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Originally Posted by hoehne View Post
Thank you David for the information. I will follow your second method for now. I didn't get the Z-CS this time around, but will pursue that based on my results and maybe after the winter.

I did have a questions regarding the applicator pads. I purchased the ones from Zaino and am curious what to do with them once used. Can you clean them, store in ziplok or just toss. Not too sure if they are safe to reuse at all.

With the buffing off of the sealant, the idea is to use a microfiber to remove the haze. Any advantage to using the black polishing pad with the Porter Cable?
For the applicators, you can wash them in warm water a dish soap, and let air dry. From there you can use them again on your next detail. Continue to wash after every use and you should get many many uses out of them.

As for buffing off the sealant, yes, I would recommend doing it by hand with a MF towel. There is no advantage to removing the sealant with a foam pad. It will actually be mush herder this way.