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Originally Posted by 4-series View Post
Picus, I got the clay bar + lubricant per your advice. I have a question regarding wax/sealant and some other newbie concerns.

1) I have never used a clay bar before. I have a jet black. Is there anyway i might mess up my paint job? Anything i should watch for? Also, can i just clay portions of the car as needed?

2) After clay'ing the car, i plan on applying one layer of Klasse AIO and then one layer of Klasse SG. Was wondering how long should i wait in between applying the AIO and the SG?

3) How often should this process be repeated? 6 mo? 12 mo?

4) In between claying, can i apply another layer of AIO on top of the old SG and then seal with a new SG? or so i have to clay first to clean the previous applications and start from scratch...

thanks a lot!
Sorry for the delay guys, not even see how I missed these. Anyway, might be too late but here goes.

1) You can clay as needed, you want to use a lot of lubrication and go light on the pressure, but no, if you use common sense you won't mess anything up.

2) You don't need to wait at all, just wait 24 hours in between layers of KSG if you go that route.

3) 6 months max, some guys get more but I like to play it safe. I usually do March then November, with some spray sealing/waxing in between.

4) AIO is a chemical cleaner, it will remove any sealant (including KSG) when you use it. So only clay when you need to remove contamination, otherwise AIO will strip previous layers itself.