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Originally Posted by Maxtor View Post
I picked up my 335i sedan in early May and had the Picus new car prep done (car is Monaco Blue over Lemon). Looked fantastic. I now hand wash only.

Car doesn't bead up much any more after hand wash.

I am now thinking of picking up a Zaino package of products Z-2, Z5, Z9, Z10 etc. (since everyone on the forum seems to think it is the best).

Will these products be ok on top of your new car prep?

Do I need to Dawn wash and clay first?

Will I need a PC buffer or can I do it by hand?

Many thanks.
I'd dawn wash just because the Zaino instructions call for it and one time won't hurt. Z2/Z5 are great sealants, use them interchangeably until you find a combo you like. Just remember the zfx if layering. You can do it all by hand, but I do recommend having a PC around, saves time and is good to have if you need it later.