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Stage 2 Tune w/ 3 Stage

Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
Yes we do. This was the major change over our level 1 software.
Hey Andrew!

Thanks for all your help with the AA Tune and Simon tool order! I appreciate it. I just have a few questions in regards to the Stg 2 tune w/3 stage:

*Does it increase the RPM limiter on Automatics? - I haven't seen it rev higher than 6900 +-100

*How long does it take to feel the full effect? Or is it a progressive thing?

*I've shaved off about .4-.6 seconds off my 0-60 time. It was at 7.3 sec 328i Stock(No 3 stage manifold), 6.8 sec w/ 3 stage manifold (no tune), and now about 6.4 sec w/ AA tune w/ 3 stage tune. Does that seem realistic? (Obviously the launch varies time to time, All these numbers are straight idle to WOT, no brake boosting)

*Lastly, was my file tuned for 91 or 93 octane? I didn't specify my octane, so I'm just curious as to what it was defaulted to. (I need 91)