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Originally Posted by ward
I just hope they've improved the suspension and brakes enough so it's not dangerous.

The last thing we need is a vehicle specially for the morons who think their SUV is a sports car, I bet a TON of these end up on their roofs
from C&D- in the skidpad .88 g's (compared to .83 for the 330)
and braking from 70-0 - 178 feet. (same as the XLR-V tested in the issue and on par with most sport cars)

now im not saying this is the greatest thing in the world. but its a really impressive car for what it is. its funny how many people are getting heated because i gave props to a Jeep. imagine if you can get a X5 with the same numbers people here would be praising it till no end. im not saying a jeep is in the same category as a BMW and its BMW forum so i understand the bias but geeze guys lighten up.

Originally Posted by D.D.
That's RIGHT! B....F....D.! Who gives a flying "F" what the 0-60 numbers are. If you're THAT concerned...go buy a dragster and save everyone else's life on the road!! Another Flamer!!
WTF? again just wanted to say "nice car" but someone gets all crazy. if i wanted a faster car thats what i would gotten but i got a 330 because its a complete package. im on your side. lol. i didnt bash any BMWs and also thats why i put it in the general automotive forum. "save everyone else's life on the road"? what makes you think i dont drive within the limits of the law? dont jump to conclusions. now F-in relax.