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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
im guessing one of the b**t hurt vendors were about to go out of business... so they reported me.
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Sorry guys nothing personal. i just started making these headlights locally. and eventually want to expand it as a side business. and from a business standpoint i cannot have this DIY up. i apologize.
I love that you went full-on hypocrite in this very thread.

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Really dude. you have no idea. the prices i do these for are no brainers 1 day turn arounds and my customer support is spot on. i had this up for a while. im going into a business, I'm stupid to have this up. WTF? no honor. that really is a slap on the face. smh dude.
This was a really bad move. Keeping the DIY up would've gained you some publicity and engendered goodwill while allowing people who aren't in your area to do this themselves. While leaving the DIY up might have caused some local people who might've otherwise given you money to do it themselves, a lot of people might've seen the DIY and decided to just go to you to get it done. Having DIY instructions online to do oil changes certainly never hurt dealers business, with countless people still go to dealers/indys to get oil changes. The same would hold doubly true for headlight mods.

This move was just in such poor taste, particularly after this community helped you refine your design (LuceProdukt). Should've just left it up.