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If coppers had come and knocked on my door, I wouldn't be ranting about the other tosser, I'd be shit scared. Maybe that's because I'm nearly 40 and drive a shit slow car.

Ask them for the details of the "offence", out of interest in improving your driving. A dangerous overtake? How so?. Did you cut him up, cause him to brake, cause an approaching vehicle to slow down, brake or swerve? You get my drift, I think there are only certain things in the Highway Code that mean an overtake can be classified as dangerous, you should've asked them to point out precisely which one you were accused of.

Although, that would perhaps made you come across as an arrogant little tosser in a psh car, so you need to excercise caution.

And on that note, get the chip off your shoulder, I mean you are a young guy in a nice car - the copper probably paid some interest in the accusation because of that - to pop round and check it wasn't TWOC'd. You should be grateful :tongueincheek:

And another thing, young man , an advanced driver would be ashamed of getting their collar felt, they work on the principle that if you have an incident, you're at fault. I would recommend that you (or anyone) gets some advanced driver training, even just a "drive alive" type course, or taster. That'll show you what I mean, and while I read all this stuff about your racing career, it does NOT make you a good road driver. A bit of advanced training would probably make you faster on the road (overall, A to B) and safer, and, if you are a driver you'll enjoy the course, and it lets you enjoy your driving even more.