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Originally Posted by Gnosis
I promise I won't be a bit jealous of the 330d drivers. I'm sure it'll be a very nice and fast car but if it was downright pulling power I wanted I could have gotten the current M3, the RS4 or something else at a similar price as the new 330i.

However - for the ultimate in tactility and involvment few things beats a straight natural aspirated six. And a diesel will never sound like or rev like a proper gasoline engine.

And for the torque/hp debate. Torque is only good for in-gear accereration. The amount of horsepower you have is what really determines ultimate acceleration and top speed.

A 320d will not see which way a well driven 325 went.

I wasn't intending to start a hp/torque or diesel/petrol debate; this is the media gallery after all. However, I am just curious as to why you think its so ridiculous that someone would try to make their diesel BMW look "sportier" (for want of a better word)? The BMW Diesel's of a given displacement are equally as fast if not faster than their petrol equivalents in every practical metric other than 0-60, and the 320d beats the petrol engined 320i here in that respect as well.

As regards sound, you clearly have not driven the 320d. On anything other than idle, the engine is as refined and civilised as the petrols. I have not doubt the 330d will improve on that further.

So again, I ask the question. The BMW diesels are as fast and handle as well as the petrol equivalents in most situations. Why is it a matter of ridicule for someone to upgrade their wheels? Is it not a "proper BMW"?



I am no expert but I believe this statement to be either factually incorrect or misleading at best

"Torque is only good for in-gear accereration. The amount of horsepower you have is what really determines ultimate acceleration and top speed."

I thought cars accelerated hardest at their torque peaks in any given gear and that hp is a calculated value based on the torque produced by the engine at any given rpm. And actually, in gear acceleration is what is most useful to 95% of drivers 95% of the time. Unless you are a traffic light maniac or love high rpm dumped clutch starts, in gear acceleration is vital, particularly where overtaking is concerned.

Finally on the 320d v 325i debate, that statement makes me almost 99.99999% certain you haven't driven the 320d. Because, I am pretty sure that for any given cross country route, and two drivers of equal ability, the 325i would not be able to lose the 320d.

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