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Originally Posted by One-Way
I would assume so but I personal know three people who've been caught doing over 90, and walked away free or with a ticket. As I said, my cousin got doing ~95 and got a ticket. And two people I know did 100+ and walked away free. Don't ask me how.

My parents told me when they got tickets, (for other things, such as seatbelts, etc.), they would pay - then have it reversed..? Does that not imply to me because I need traffic school?

As for going 90+ they can arrest you. You can always fight it. Usually the cops dont have the speed on the radar gun or they dont show up to court. But be warned, if they show up and testify, you may or may not get your fine lowered. It could make things worse.

For the ticket old are you?? If you're under 18, you go to the juvenile court. They ask you whether you'd like to admit guilty/not guilty. If you admit guilty you pay the fine and can sign up for traffic school. If you plead not guilty you can set a court date. If you're 18 or over, you will attend a local court. Usually the county court. Last time I was there I just paid the fine. You can try to do it your parents' way. It doesnt hurt. Remember, the ticket was meant to teach you a lesson. Just be glad that you're still alive cus things could have gotten a lot worse. G'luck