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Issues with LOGIC 7

I recently had my car serviced for the first time at an unauthorized dealership and I have some concerns. The car is 2008 e92 335i.

The car was at the shop for service, and maintenance. A day into it, I received a call from the shop stating that my battery harness was corroded and they would need to replace it. Two days later another call, and this time my logic7 amplifier had been damaged and would also need to be replaced. So another day went on and the shop asked if I can bring my key in because the car would need to be "coded".

Now here are the issues I am having, however I am hesitate to return to the shop because it took them about 2 weeks to have the car ready:

-One of my keys no longer locks/ unlocks the car. Doesn't function other then when inserted into the slot inside car. (I don't have comfort access)

-The car has issues cranking when starting up, and today the low battery light came on (I'm guessing battery damage due to corrosion)

-Most Important***** When the settings are switched for Logic7 it would regularly pause then the setting would be applied. An obvious change for each setting. Now, it no longer pauses and I can't tell the difference of each setting.
(the setting which I am referring to is Off, Concert Hall, Theater)

I have attached photos of the amp in my trunk that I took prior to posting, I can't tell if the correct amp was used to replace my damaged amp.
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