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BrenTuning Performance Solutions: COBB E-Tuning (N54, N55)

Worcester, MA

New Vendor here after a very warm welcome and long standing reputation in the BMW community, we have signed up to serve you and your car’s needs.

Here at BrenTuning, we offer a wide variety of tuning solutions. One of them is Cobb E-Tuning. E-tuning is the art of tuning a vehicle off premises via e-mailing datalogs of critical engine data. To do this the customer would load the supplied BrenTuning base map and going out and doing some WOT pulls through a determined PDF file with the Cobb Accessport data-logger running. Then the customer will send those data-logs back to us for tweaks in the tune. After the tweaks are made a revised map will be sent. This process continues till everything is safe, reliable and powerful. We do not limit you to revisions – as revisions are unlimited within the first month. This means the faster you report data and logs the faster the tune, we do this full-time from a solid internet connection and work quickly and hope the customer does too. Most importantly, here at BrenTuning we offer same day revisions as long as the logs are received by 12pm (Noon) EST. We have been tuning N54/N55 motors since before Cobb software and are very familiar with their limits of safe power, through testing on our AWD in-house Mustang dyno over many years. We have tuned many high power N54s on flash software alone, including upgraded turbo N55 motors.

Intro Price: $250.00, $100 for hardware change revisions

Disclaimer: Pre-Tune preparation is up to the customer, as we are not responsible for aiding in getting the car ready. While we are good at diagnosing issues through logs – many cars simply skip preparation to the tune and this is critical. Any setbacks will delay the tune process.
For those who don’t know us personally here are some links to our work with the E90post community:

Below are a collection of dyno graphs:

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