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OK so... i know Martin is a very helpful member of the community and he also is extremely knowledgable and provides a good service with the producsts he sells. That being said, he says that dealers are just too stupid to encode the modules correctly and this is why the voice activation is stuck in German. If this is the case then why can NO dealers do the coding ? Are they all stupid? Across all 50 states? I find that kind of hard to believe. Another thing, if they are just stupid and it supposedly can be done then why Martin do you not post coding instructions using SSS online for the dealers to use or include them in your kit? Why must a MOST optylizer be used? Will the SSS then in fact NOT work to do the coding? If thats the case then the dealers are not stupid they just dont have the proper equipment because it isnt needed to do their job. Something just isnt adding up here. Martin can you explain to me what all the dealer techs are doing wrong? Has ANYONE here been able to successfully retrofit a european ULF module AND have working voice command in English?