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Originally Posted by Allen@PTF View Post
In our testing we've found the N55 is an awesome engine that is somewhat hindered by a tiny turbo. FBO + E85 cars are good for ~380whp and TONs of torque(460wtq+.) On pump gas 350whp is doable.

Keep in mind that dyno numbers are subjective and can vary wildly. Find a nice, optimistic dyno and 400whp may be possible but that doesn't mean it's any faster than a dyno reading 380whp.
Hey 380whp is perfect. My n54 xi wasn't putting that much down!

Originally Posted by JETmn View Post
Turbo opions are also coming available. For $1k you can get your 400whp with the PTF stage 1. High 400's are possible for $2500. We should see 2 more stage 2 options coming out later this year.
Yeah if i end up wanting more power then i'll look into turbo upgrades

Originally Posted by mashimarho View Post
I like the N55 for the reliablility. Never had one single issue and running for 3 years almost.
I haven't heard many people complaining about reliability with the N55 so thats a good thing

Originally Posted by Andrewe92 View Post
since you got the numbers you were looking for i'll just add that I love my n55 and it's smooth power delivery, I'm sure you'll get the power you want from it
It'll be stock for a while so I'll have to get used to stock power

Originally Posted by turo View Post
I hear ya, but there is a difference. Terry's 435 dynoed somewhere around 414 (link), while most e9X FBO's are around the 390 range it seems. There seems to be a ~20-25 hp difference at the wheels which has been chalked off to the larger 4" outlet on the F30's turbo, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't mean to get off topic though. OP, the N55 is definitely a great platform! Plenty of power, and hopefully there will be some more aftermarket turbo options soon for those of us hungry for more .
From what i've read it doesn't sound bad at all! As you said, aftermarket turbos are always a solution.

I haven't read up on the new F30s turbos but I just figured they could be tuned as the e9x series' turbos were

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