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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
WOW, this is perfect timing guys.... I just picked up my car yesterday from BMW Seattle's service and I had absolutely nothing but a wonderful expereince.

The car went in for an early annual oil change (2200 miles / 1 year).
I mentioned to them that I was having Nav / idrive related issues....

I called an made an appoint about a month ago and indicated that I needed a loaner.

When I went there to drop off my car, I told them specificially NOT to wash wash my car. I put post it notes everywhere but my SA Denise also put a huge note on the dash that said "No Wash".

Next is the loner..... They had a brand new 328 Coupe Waiting for me (took pics & will post it tonight). It was pretty base.... ZSP, Auto, leather. Great car but made me realize how much I don't like auto trans.

I told Denise that I had plans for Sat night and I won't be able to pick up my car if it is not done before 4pm.... Denise called me in the middle of the day to let me know that they are installing the latest sofware and that it still had couple of hours to go..... So she told me that I can pick up my car either Mon or Tue and just keep the lonaer until it was a good time for me to pick up my car....

Pick Up.....

I went there after work on Monday and my car was parked in a corner spot away from all the cars. They have changed the oil, upgraded the software... They also told me that my alarm was not programed so they went ahead and activated that as well at a total invoice price of $0.00. Needless to say my car was not washed!

All I can say is BRAVO to their service folks.... This was definately one of the BEST service expereinces I ever had and they have not once asked me where I bought my car..... I can only wish that their sales folks were as nice as their service folks!
Great to hear. Had some concerns about dealing with Seattle after purchasing from Yakima. Thanks.