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Originally Posted by shadye90
I have already taken apart the airbox on my 325i (3.0l n52 motor)
and replaced the air filter with a K&N unit and I can safely claim that the built in charcoal filter is not easily removable like the M5 is..Unless I'm wrong it looks like it is actually molded into the lid and would have to be cut out..I'm just gonna wait for an intake replacement from East Coast Intake or M Motorwerks instead...
You are correct that it's there, and that it's not easily removable, but not impossible.

I just did mine. You need a dremel tool to make it externally unnoticable. I don't have a dremel, but used a 1/8" upcut router bit to trim awat around the charcoal element.

The charcaol element piece has markings on it, looks like the OEM part number 661 706 2. It's built in to a spacer that goes between the two halves of the airbox, and is glued to one half of the airbox shell. I removed it with a couple of putty knives/wide chisels without doing any damage to the airbox or the flange of the part itself.

To do this mod, you need a T25 torx driver, a couple of 1" chisels, a dremel, and some finishing files. Took me about 20 minutes.