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My first bimmer...but definitely not my last!

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I hardly speed though. I mean, I do, but not like the one I was caught doing. Just naturally and safe. A few miles over, here and there. And ever since I got the ticket, I've been a little scared and been looking over my shoulder every second....I'm also 18.
You're your own worst witness. What's behind you every other second isn't important. It's what's in front of you. And a traffic court judge having to spend court time listening to that from anyone, especially an 18 year old with a new BMW, might get a little irritated. I don't think it's just a matter of 1-2 points. You might have to pay court costs and anything else within the statutory maximum. Who knows? If he's having a bad day, he could probably order you to do community service. And what are you going to say if the officer does show up? "I was only doing 50?" Your entire case rests on the officer not showing up. Not the best odds.
Personally, I wouldn't take the gamble. I'm not sure about insurance points, but 1 to 2 points for an 18 year old driver might result in significantly higher insurance premium for three years.
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