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Originally Posted by ward
akbhat I think you're crazy thinking the steering's numb.

the feel on my E90 is just as good or better than my E36 was and almost as good as the porsches I've tested

the electric assist on my Z4 on the other hand.......
Are you sure you're not confusing "feel" with stiffness?

When I drove the E90, the steering had a nice heft (actually...more of that winding "stiffness" you get from BMW's steering rack) to it, but when you would hit bumps, road imperfections, and debris, the steering didn't really respond to it. It felt though I were driving on perfectly smooth roads (even when I wasn't). My E46 with urethane LCA bushings will transmit jolts and impacts right to your hands.

Most people don't like that, but I do. Feels more interactive. It could be that I've gotten too used to the urethane bushings, but I still remember my buddy's E36 doing something similar, even with the stock bushings.