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I had no intention for my response to spark up so much controversy. In fact, my main point was that I have never been impressed with BMW advertisement, but that the car simply sells itself.

I ended my post responding to a post about "multicultural" BMW advertisements. Becasue this is an internet forum, I couldn't tell if the comment was made out of sarcasm or not. But, if one were to list the merits of BMW's advertisement campaign, few would argue that multiculturalism is not very high on the list.

However, some of the responses included:
"The people complaining about race; what do you expect? If 75%+ of their customers are white, they're going to represent that in their advertising."

"It's most of everyone that aspires to drive an MB. What we choose to acknowledge is up to us, but I see tons of Asians, Blacks, Whites, and a host of other ethnicities driving MB's, all the time, all brand new. I've seen tons of different people rolling around in BM's too, of all ethnicities."
I am well aware of the general demographics in this country and how that translates in the marketing angle for various products. Furthermore, I work in NYC and see people from all corners of the world driving almost any car you can imagine.

But getting back to my original point:
-I think BMW could sell thier cars with nothing more than a white background with the 3 letters B M W in the middle because its an excellent product.
-As far as multicultural ads go, BMW isn't at the top of anyone's list. But that had nothing to do with my decision to purchase this car.

Next time before taking things completely out of context, please read the entire post.

To Stewthebassman: I had a similar experience at a recent NYC/NJ meet. There were several ethnicities present and we all got along well.
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